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Out Compute to Out Compete

The 1degreenorth team have been developing and introducing leading edge technologies into Singapore since 1999, from Red Hat Linux to VMware to High Performance Computing Cluster and Clouds to analytics with the R statistical programming language.



5 Days Advanced R Training by Prof Jared Lander

12 – 16th Oct 2015









Technology Partners

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Numascale – World’s most scalable in-memory analytics appliances






Terabytes of Memory

Linux Instance

R Appliance

Pre-integrated and optimized R appliance powered by open source R and Revolution R Enterprise together with RStudio IDE.

Data Mart Appliance

Powered by one of the fastest open source column-store database – MonetDB – the NumaQ Datamart Appliance powers through queries at lightning speed by loading the whole dataset into memory! Coupled with R pre-installed and integrated, you get R+MonetDB on a highly scalable in-memory appliance.

Graph  Appliance

Scale your graph databases to billions and trillions of nodes with Numascale’s Graph Appliance. Your whole Neo4J dataset can now reside in-memory. R is pre-integrated.

IoT Appliance

Best-in-class pre-integrated big data software stack specifically for IoT workloads, from data ingestion to processing to storage and analytics.

Numascale’s NQ1 (128-cpu-cores, 1TB RAM)

Open source R running in parallel on 128 cpu-cores! Click to on video below to see R + Numascale in action.


Hadoop for the Enterprise

Cloudera Enterprise helps you become information-driven by leveraging the best of the open source community with the enterprise capabilities you need to succeed with Apache Hadoop in your organization. Designed specifically for mission-critical environments, Cloudera Enterprise includes CDH, the world’s most popular open source Hadoop-based platform, as well as advanced system management and data management tools plus dedicated support and community advocacy from our world-class team of Hadoop developers and experts.

Democratizing Big Data

BlueData™ is democratizing Big Data by making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for organizations of all sizes to deploy Hadoop or Spark infrastructure on-premises. With BlueData’s™ EPIC™ software platform, you can:

  • Spin up Hadoop or Spark clusters within minutes, whether for test or production environments
  • Deliver the agility and efficiency benefits of virtualization, with the performance of bare-metal
  • Work with any Big Data analytical application, any Hadoop or Spark distribution, and any infrastructure
  • Provide the enterprise-grade governance and security required, in a multi-tenant environment

Revolution R Enterprise

The power of R, hardened and enhanced by Revolution Analytics, is your best choice for every level of analytics deployment. From desktop and server based processing to parallelized processing within Hadoop clusters or in-database deployment in data warehouses, Revolution R delivers the performance you need.

RStudio IDE and Shiny

Inspired by the innovations of R users in science, education, and industry, RStudio develops tools for the R community and enterprise-ready professional products to make it easier for teams to scale and share work. RStudio IDE provides the easiest and most powerful IDE for the R data scientist. RStudio Shiny provides an easy to use web framework for building interactive web applications using R and turn your analyse into insights for management without requiring HTML, CSS, or JavaScript knowledge.


When your database grows into millions of records spread over many tables and business intelligence/ science becomes the prevalent application domain, a column-store database management system is called for. Unlike traditional row-stores, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, a column-store provides a modern and scalable solution without calling for substantial hardware investments.
MonetDB pioneered column-store solutions for high-performance data warehouses for business intelligence and eScience since 1993. It is  SQL 2003 compliant with full support for foreign keys, joins, views, triggers, and stored procedures. It is fully ACID compliant and supports a rich spectrum of programming interfaces (JDBC, ODBC, PHP, Python, RoR, C/C++, Perl).

World’s Best and First Graph Database

Neo4j is used by thousands of organizations, including 50+ of the Global 2000, in mission-critical production applications. Developed by the inventors of the modern graph database, Neo4J is the most feature rich and powerful graph database in the world.

Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT)

Working with our partners such as INTEL and Numascale, we provide an integrated IoT big data analytics platform for Smart Engineering and Smart Cities.




Developed in collaboration with Intel Factory for the IoT/analytics manufacturing market, the IoT stack is a tightly integrated suite of best-in-class open source software for manufacturing/industrial engineering customers providing data ingestion tools to storage, analytics and insights via beautiful dashboards.

Smart Engineering

Extending on our IoT solution, our partners and us have developed a universal Smart Engineering platform for industrial use, offering advanced and scalable big data processing with Spark, super fast data storage and queries with Neo4j and MonetDB, and use of machine learning algorithms to smartly detect anomalies in your system.

Smart Cities

Specifically engineered for Smart Cities, our partners and us have collaborated with Microsoft to offer an integrated solution with Microsoft’s City Next smart city platform for an end – to end Smart City solution.

Advanced Analytics Training

We partner with leading experts in advanced analytics to provide classroom and onsite, customized training for your data science journey.


5 Days Advanced R Training

by Prof Jared Lander

Audience: Data Scientist new to R, Business Analysts, Programmers and Developers keen to learn the hottest data science tool

Date: 12 – 16 Oct 2015 | Venue: Singapore | Price: S$3995/pax

Course Summary:

Day 1 Introduction to R

Day 2 Modeling and Analytics in R

Day 3 Machine Learning

Day 4 Presentation and Data Portability

Day 5 High Performance Computing in R


* All students to bring their own laptops.

Download course details:  Advanced R Training by Jared Lander.

Using Neo4j

Learn to use the world’s most popular graph database – Neo4j. This 2 days course covering fundamentals of graph database, graph structures and modelling, and real-world use cases examples.

Audience:  Developers, DBAs, Business Analysts

Date: Nov 2015 | Venue: Singapore | Price: S$1500/pax

Course Summary:

Day 1

Introduction to Graph database

Neo4j and Cypher

Advanced Queries with Cypher

Modeling guidelines

Day 2

Common graph structures

Evolving a graph model

Real-world implementation use cases with Neo4j


*All students to bring their own laptops.

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