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1degreenorth provides expertise in state-of-the-art solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters,  Public and Private Cloud infrastructures and Business Analytics.

With a team of passionate consultants and HPC architects , we have been working on HPC clusters and Grids since 1999 and currently consult for government research organizations and MNCs in Singapore and Asia Pacific in the area of building scalable applications and infrastructure for private and public Clouds, and business analytics solutions.


Our latest product offering is NumaQ - a state of the art, x86 shared memory system specifically designed for big-data in-memory analytics. Built upon AMD's latest CPU, connected with NumaConnect and a tuned Linux operating system, 1degreenorth's engineers have integrated the popular open source R statistical programming environment from Revolution Analytics and 1degreenorth's NumaManager to provide an easy to manage and use desktop-like experience cluster system with hundreds of cores and terabytes of RAM. Power of a cluster, simplicity of a desktop. That's NumaQ.

NumaQ is available immediately under 1degreenorth's Early Access Program.



Services Offering

  1. Design and implementation of PRIVATE Cloud infrastructure
  2. Design and implementation of PUBLIC Cloud infrastructure
  3. Design and implementation of High Performance Computing Clusters, Big-Data Clusters and Analytics Clusters
  4. Design and implementation of applications to run on private/public Clouds using leading edge PaaS such as Gigaspaces
  5. Design and implementation of large-scale vSMP clusters with ccNuma technology for use in Cloud/Virtualization infrastructure
  6. Design and implementation of high performance, scalable Analytics for telcos, finance and life-science industry with Revolution R.


Projects we have been involved in include

  1. Singapore's very first public Cloud infrastructure for a telco in Singapore
  2. Assisted a Singapore research institute in re-architecting their application to use a PaaS layer to scale their performance
  3. Singapore Telecom’s Alatum - where 1degreenorth’s CEO and Founder, Mr. Laurence Liew, assisted then Singapore Computer System to conceptualize, architect and implement Singapore’s first public grid service offering.
  4. Singapore’s National Grid Pilot Project - where we designed, implemented and operated the first large scale Grid project across several Universities and Research institutes in Singapore.
  5. Co-developed the popular San Diego Supercomputer Centre (SDSC) Rocks cluster toolkit - the world’s most popular cluster management software.
  6. Implemented Singapore’s first commercial HPC cluster in 1999 and many other clusters in the region subsequently.