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1degreenorth is a team of visionaries who have identified and nurtured technologies and companies from inception to acquisition, leading to 4 successful exits in the last 8 years.

  • 1998 - We introduced commercial open source and Red Hat Linux to Singapore, being the first to offer Red Hat Linux software, services, training and certification. Many did not believe customers would pay for free software.
  • 2001 - We introduced VMWare into Singapore and started the virtualization of data centers. Many thought we were crazy and did not believe mission critical workloads would ever run on virtual machines.
  • 2003 - We put Singapore on the world High Performance Computing stage by collaborating with San Diego Supercomputer Centre Rock team and launched a commercial distribution of Rocks (Scalable Rocks) for building supercomputers. Big Data? Analytics? We did this back in 2003!
  • 2006 - The team was acquired by Platform Computing Inc, then the leader in High Performance Computing and Grid software. Under Platform, we built software that powered 1000s of nodes, including supercomputers such as Fujitsu's K (one of the fastest supercomputer in the world at one time), HPC clusters from DELL, HP and Cray.
  • 2011 - We partnered and nurtured in Asia Pacific in 2010 leading to a successful acqusition by Citrix Inc
  • 2014 - We conceptualized and developed an in-memory analytics appliance - NumaQ - which has now been acquired by our long-time friends and partner - Numascale AS of Norway. Together we are growing the next generation of in-memory analytics databases systems with NumaQ worldwide.
  • 2015 - We partnered, nurtured and helped kickstart Revolution Anlaytics entry into Asia Pacific back in 2011. 3 years later, Revolution Analytics is acquired by Microsoft.

We partner with innovative start-ups coming into Asia, and Singapore companies looking to invest in next generation, bleeding edge technologiess in the area of high performance computing, grid, cloud computing and big data analytics. With our unqiue market insights, technical expertise and sense for the next innovation wave, we have an unbroken track record since 1998 in identifing the next disruptive technology and the next Revolution Analytics!

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